Great Shasta Rail Trail Association

The Great Shasta Rail Trail Association is developing 80 miles of rail-trail between McCloud and Burney. Thirty-seven miles were opened for non-motorized recreation in September 2015.  Here is a map showing access points and open sections. 


The association plans to:

  • Provide year around recreation opportunities for hikers, bicyclists, equestrians, skiers, and other non-motorized uses

  • Promote awareness, appreciation, and protection of natural, scenic, cultural, and historic resources and promote community involvement in their protection and care

  • Incorporate trail designs that mimic the natural, historic, and cultural environment along the trail and promote local stewardship

  • Feature a well-maintained primary trail within the railroad right-of-way

  • Incorporate safe and easy access from local communities and connections to nearby major recreation areas on adjacent public land

  • Promote healthy lifestyles through exercise, interpretation and education, and trail stewardship activities

  • Stimulate local recreation that can boost economic opportunities linked to the uniqueness of the area - its environment, culture, heritage, people, and history.

Mailing Address:
PO Box 221, McCloud CA 96057