Relocating to McCloud, California

Quality of Life

The Mt Shasta area in Siskiyou County, and McCloud itself draws visitors from not only Northern California and Oregon, but also from around the world. World-class recreation, picturesque mountain terrain; lakes, waterfalls, and rivers; and historic towns which showcase their uniqueness through events and activities are some of the many reasons people visit and end up staying. Historic McCloud, a former lumber company town, has evolved into what many say is straight from a Hallmark movie.

With our many events and activities, our excellent and successful restaurants, shops and lodging facilities, and the small-town feel and friendliness we are known for, McCloud offers a quality of life that is unparalleled. Based on the 2010 census, McCloud has a population of 1,101. The town of McCloud is unincorporated and its governance is through a Community Service District, part of Siskiyou County.


McCloud is located off highway 89 (just before the exit to the city of Mt. Shasta), just 12 miles east of the Interstate 5 freeway. Nearest large cities are Redding, CA (approximately 70 miles to the south) and Medford, OR (approximately 99 miles to the north). Mt. Shasta which towers behind McCloud at an elevation of 14,162 makes for epic photographs from many locations in town. The elevation of McCloud is generally around 3000ft.


With an alpine climate, pure water and exceptional air quality, the town of McCloud enjoys four distinct seasons and a variety of local weather. The region experiences warm summers with average temperatures in the high 70-80’s F with no humidity, and evening temperatures may be in the 50’s. Winter lows can be in the 20’s F. McCloud receives precipitation primarily from October through mid-May.


McCloud was originally a company lumber town with a fascinating history. Much of the charm from those days carries through to the present with our charming lodging facilities, restaurants, shops and local golf course sharing historic roots.

Relocating to McCloud

If you are considering relocating to McCloud, we recommend you first speak with one of our realtor members to learn more about available housing and business opportunities. In the meantime, visit and visit often. Just like many of us who have transplanted from elsewhere or who grew up here and returned later in life, you will find yourself falling in love with the town and people of McCloud.